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Our firm offers a large number of services that range from the drawing up of accounts and the compilation of tax returns to fulfilling all obligations related to company administration and management. Our aim is to provide clients with a complete package of services to support them in running their companies thereby allowing them to concentrate their resources on business and production -related activities.
The following is a summary of the package:

Company creation
  • business plan feasibility study
  • choosing the type of company
  • analysing the legal framework
  • company incorporation consultancy service
  • start up tax and administrative obligations
  • preparing and submitting documentation relating to the following areas: VAT, Chamber of Commerce, Craftsmen's Register, INAIL (national institute for insurance against industrial accidents), INPS (National Institute of Social Insurance).
  • running cost analysis
  • identifying grants and/or reduced-rate finance , for young entrepreneurs

Accounting and financial services
  • keeping of accounts and statutory books
  • setting out and analysing periodical financial statements
  • sub-annual tax simulations
  • financial and tax-related assistance
  • tax obligations - tax returns for individual tax payers, partnerships, and non-business bodies
  • annual VAT data and VAT returns
  • IRAP (Regional Income Tax) Return
  • activity category models and parameters
  • withholding tax return (form 770)
  • Forms and Declarations of Intent, INSTRASTAT declarations, black-listings, electronic expenditure communications (Article 21 of Decree Law 78/2010), clients/suppliers
  • F24 tax return payment form (online payment service) / F23 form
  • compilation of pay packets and relative staff administrative documentation
  • company searches
  • DURC (Single Insurance Contribution Payment) certificate

Services for individual tax payers
  • help in compiling and sending (electronically) no. 730 forms (Employee's Tax Return)
  • calculating total sums due, lodging payments and compiling ICI/IMU Council Tax Forms
  • personal tax assistance
  • consultancy service, compilation of residential and business property rental agreements
  • compilation of private agreements and preliminary property sales agreements
  • compilation of Social Security RED form
  • compilation of ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Index) and ISEEU (Equivalent Financial Situation Index for University Students) forms
  • statements of succession

Administrative and management services
  • contractual consultancies
  • organisation, monitoring, management, logistics support and company planning
  • examination and reorganisation of administrative and management procedures
  • administrative services and office management (even at a client's home)
  • company administration
  • invoicing and payment monitoring
  • rental contracts (preparation, drafting, electronic registration, extension, termination)
  • overdue credit/debt service (monitoring outstanding credits, payment reminders, debt recovery administrative support
  • obligations related to Legislative Decree 81/2008 regulations
  • obligations related to Privacy Law No. 196/2003
  • domiciliation service (company domiciliation)

Financial services
  • assistance in obtaining incentives, tax credits, equity financing, grants
  • young business people, women entrepreneurs
  • assistance in liaising with banks (preparing documentation to obtain financing, overdraft facilities, leasing contracts, mortgages etc)
  • Current Account and bank loan monitoring, obtaining the best conditions from banks

Other services
  • Our studio has acquired a significant quantity of hands-on experience and takes great care to keep abreast of the continual changes in the world of the economy and finance. This, together with our dynamic in-house resources, enables us to analyse our clients' organisational requirements and expectations, and provide them with a series of personalised management and administrative support tools that will allow any requirement to be tackled.
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