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Studio Camer The Camer Accountancy Studio is based in Sondrio, and has been for many years. We are a professional, committed firm that deploys top level material and human resources together with the support of the best technology to ensure that the needs of our clients are met punctually and attentively. We aim to guarantee an uncomplicated, speedy ser-vice that promptly responds to the continuous changes in the world of legislation, contributions and tax.

We mainly offer services in the following areas:
  • taxation, accounting, administration and finance;
  • accounts, financial statements, tax returns, and staff-related documentation;
  • administrative and commercial support services for company management;
  • all activities related to company start up and company tax management and administration

Our services are mainly aimed at:
  • individual tax payers;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • professionals;
  • partnerships;
  • joint stock companies;
  • bodies and associations
Studio Camer s.r.l. - Via Fiume, 40 - 23100 Sondrio
Tel. 0342/211802 - 0342/211480 - Fax 0342/518261
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